Thursday, 28 January 2016

On the Road Again!

Home can be about re-finding yourself in a far-away place. That's what recently happened to me.  I've just come back from two challenging but exhilarating weeks in Japan, shooting a new documentary series.
Mount Fuji
I've re-discovered what makes me tick.  Stepping off an airplane and into the unknown. Working long hours bridging cultural and language differences.  Solving seemingly insurmountable logistics issues.  And working, working, working to find the best possible way to tell a story.  

It's something I did for years as a news and current affairs reporter, and then as a documentary writer and director.  In recent years, I have spent more time out of the field and farther up the decision-making chain.  I've spent time on both the buying and selling side of the equation. It has been immensely rewarding on some levels and I've worked with some fantastic people. I am good at it and it always felt like a natural "career step."  It fulfilled the needs of my dutiful, aspiring self.
Great Day at Work!
What I didn't realize, is that during that time I also allowed my passionate, curious, and somewhat rebellious self to take a back seat.  The real me.

I'll admit it.  I've always been impatient with "messaging" and other corporate language for sanitizing reality.  I've spent enough time in that world to know why it happens-- even why it is necessary.  Which is also enough time to learn that it's a job best left to others.

I re-discovered happiness on this trip.  The demands of getting the job done left zero minutes in day for corporate politics, or negative thoughts, or internal power plays within our field team.  I just  knuckled down with my team and got the job done... and felt enormous satisfaction when we succeeded.  And I can't wait to do get out there again!


  1. Christine!!! I'm good!!! Writing weekly in the Spanish blog! How are you doing?

    1. I am good! I am going to read your Spanish blog! You are such a good writer and I would like to (try) to follow you in one of your home languages!

  2. Oh, so happy to read this. Welcome HOME, Christine! xo