Monday, 1 February 2016

There Is No Place Like House, Home (Melanie's poem)

By Melanie Duarte Sanchez, aged 8, from Mexico: 

There are many things we call a house,
Like small dark holes in the walls for the noisy mouse.
Tall windy nests in the trees are what flying birds like the most,
But dirty deep holes in the ground are cosy for rabbits and moles.
Dogs and kittens sleep in soft pillows,
And little spiders make webs in the corners of some windows.
Crocodiles and snakes enjoy muddy swamps,
But beavers prefer to build their own dams.
Fish and whales live in the wet blue sea,
And wood or brick buildings are houses for you and me.
But what really matters is:
To have a home where you can feel safe and free.

From a British Council poetry competition for children from around the world.  


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  2. Thank you Kerry! Looking forward to checking these out:)